Our Thanksgiving During the Pandemic (by Joan Huang)

​ I really like this quartet. Different ethnicities sing a song together: America, the Beautiful! This is my ideal America! Thirty four years ago, I flew over the Pacific Ocean from Shanghai to Los Angeles, the colorful and multi-ethnic second largest city in the United States.  When I arrived the campus of UCLA, for theContinue reading “Our Thanksgiving During the Pandemic (by Joan Huang)”

Our Halloween Before the Election (10/31/2020 by Joan Huang)

Three days before the unprecedentedly significant US Presidential Election make me particularly nervous and anxious, and I turn my apprehension into my computer to let my fingers “dance”.  Last Tuesday’s Los Angeles Dodger’s winning the World Series Championship after 32 years drought was like a shot in the arm; two weeks earlier, the Los AngelesContinue reading “Our Halloween Before the Election (10/31/2020 by Joan Huang)”

Our Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet (By Joan Huang, 10/1/2020)

Sitting in the garden, a bright and round moon appeared among dense towering palm trees and orange trees in the east. We drank chrysanthemum tea and ate moon cakes facing the moon, as if we saw my beloved grandma, and also saw the images of Chang’e’s elegant dancing, Jade Rabbit’s pounding medicine with a mortal and pestle, Wu Gang’s chopping the osmanthus tree with endless toil on the moon. These images are all from the folklore I learned when I was child…Autumn Moon is the roundest and brightest…Facing the moon, I got the inspiration: I’m going to start my next Autumn Composition: Bobcat Inferno……

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah During the Bobcat Wildfire (9/19/2020)

We lived in the picturesque Altadena on the edge of the Angeles Forest National Park. A few days ago, it presented a scene like the “end of the world”, shrouded in terrifying orange color. The sun saturated Altadena was so dark, the APOCALYPSE was real. Besieged in the blazing California bobcat wildfire for more thanContinue reading “Celebrate Rosh Hashanah During the Bobcat Wildfire (9/19/2020)”

Our Solitary Labor Day (September 7, 2020)

Since Saturday, the temperature has been over 100 degrees in our area, it’s toasting outside. I can’t take our Golden Retriever Gigi out for a walk, she’s so bored. Thanks airconditioning, I’m able to work. Today’s Labor Day, I’m writing something. My previous blog “Spontaneous Thoughts of Chinese Qixi Festival” wrote about the laboring sceneContinue reading “Our Solitary Labor Day (September 7, 2020)”