Our Labor Day Weekend…(By Joan Huang)

Recently, bad news has come one after another, such as the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the Hurricane Ida, the Delta virus, the floods in Northeast, the California wildfires, Texas Abortion ban, etc … I prefer not watching news, but still can’t help it. I saw a teenager named “Lele” on the Internet with thisContinue reading “Our Labor Day Weekend…(By Joan Huang)”

My Reverie – Looking at the Starry Sky during the Chinese Qixi Festival (Joan Huang, 8/14/2021)

More than a year ago, I joined a lively group on WeChat, members are from many different countries, from France to Japan, from Germany to USA, etc. The topics of conversations are so amazingly interesting and stimulating. I feel like siping a bowl of rich and thick chicken soup everyday, which benefits my soul aContinue reading “My Reverie – Looking at the Starry Sky during the Chinese Qixi Festival (Joan Huang, 8/14/2021)”

Celebrate Bastille Day in Mediterranean Southern California (Joan Huang, 7/14/2021)

Several years ago, Bill and I drove around Provence in southern France for 2 weeks by car. Due to its geographical location in the Mediterranean, the climate is very similar to our Southern California: blue ocean, southing sunshine, scented lavender, golden sunflowers… The scenery is picturesque and beautiful. Many famous artists in history were attractedContinue reading “Celebrate Bastille Day in Mediterranean Southern California (Joan Huang, 7/14/2021)”

Ideas for Father’s Day (6/20/21)

Today, we are having a triple celebration: Juneteenth, Father’s Day and Summer Solstice. I really miss my DaddyI wasn’t ready to say goodbyeIt will never be the sameYears from now, I know I’ll cry I bet he sees us mourningBut would want us to smileAnd tell us our time apartIs only a little while I’llContinue reading “Ideas for Father’s Day (6/20/21)”

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival – a Reunion (June 14, 2021)

What a contrast for the celebration of this year’s Chinese Dragon Boat Festival to that of last year’s! My old classmates from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music whom I hadn’t seen for more than 30 years came to visit, I decided that we celebrate the “Dragon Boat Festival” when they were in town. Along withContinue reading “Chinese Dragon Boat Festival – a Reunion (June 14, 2021)”