Thoughts on Memorial Day (5/31/2021) (By Joan Huang)

I love Charles Ives’ Variations on America (arranged by William Schuman for orchestra). As an immigrant, I know this country has brought me a lot of happiness and freedom. Today I’m paying respect to the heroes who have sacrificed their lives. I feel that I must do something for every occasion. Today is a beautifulContinue reading “Thoughts on Memorial Day (5/31/2021) (By Joan Huang)”

My Thoughts on George Floyd’s Anniversary Commemorations…

(5/25/2021, by Joan Huang) A year ago today, May 25th 2020, the scene of the George Floyd being crushed to death by the white policeman Derek Chauvin on his knees came to my eyes again. For the terrifying and wrenching tortures of 9 minutes and 29 seconds, Freud repeatedly pleaded desperately: “I can’t breathe! IContinue reading “My Thoughts on George Floyd’s Anniversary Commemorations…”

Mother’s Day Luncheon in Our Garden (5/10/2021)(5/8/2022 Updated)

(By Joan Huang) Dvorak’s Songs Mother Taught Me was played on the squeaky phonograph in my house when I was a child, I remember that was a 78-rpm heavy record. Later, when the notorious Cultural Revolution took place, I helped my father to smash all the Western classical music records into pieces over night becauseContinue reading “Mother’s Day Luncheon in Our Garden (5/10/2021)(5/8/2022 Updated)”

Happy New Year of the Ox !(By Joan Huang)

The above is a very well-known piece Spring Festival Overture by the Chinese composer Li Huanzhi which is always played during the Chinese New Year. This young Chinese traditional orchestra played it fantastically. February is here, the increasing sunlight is rejuvenating the earth, and various camellias and azaleas bloomed in the garden. The hibernated plantsContinue reading “Happy New Year of the Ox !(By Joan Huang)”

2020 Season’s Greetings (by Joan Huang)

In the West, the last month of each year is a carnival month surrounded by festivals: in addition to the well-known Christmas, there are also festivals such as Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. Google changed its new doodles in December. The word of “Google” are covered with colorful lights. This year isContinue reading “2020 Season’s Greetings (by Joan Huang)”