A Very Busy November…Happy Thanksgiving! (11/25/2021 by Joan Huang)

Since the beginning of November, our home has been entertaining our house guests with family members. I’ve been busy with cooking and enteerWe’re indeed very hospitable. Also, when the US border opened on 11/8, my newly wedded niece and her husband booked plane tickets traveled from UK. As the aunt and the uncle, we wereContinue reading “A Very Busy November…Happy Thanksgiving! (11/25/2021 by Joan Huang)”

Halloween in LA! (By Joan Huang, 10/31/21)

It’s autumn again, it’s cloudy right now in Los Angeles right now. The colorful maple leaf photos seen from the circle of friends are enviable. I love autumn, esptecially like the song Autumn Leaves sung by Frank Sinatra. Public places in Los Angeles opened one after another: we also started to go to the DisneyContinue reading “Halloween in LA! (By Joan Huang, 10/31/21)”

Moon Festival (9/21/2021)

Today is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is the roundest and brightest, and I am preparing for a special dinner for this Chinese festival. The story of “Chang’e Flying to the Moon” is not only a well-known story in China, it has now spread all over the world. My newlywed niece Huang Leilei (whoContinue reading “Moon Festival (9/21/2021)”

Our Labor Day Weekend…(By Joan Huang)

Recently, bad news has come one after another, such as the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the Hurricane Ida, the Delta virus, the floods in Northeast, the California wildfires, Texas Abortion ban, etc … I prefer not watching news, but still can’t help it. I saw a teenager named “Lele” on the Internet with thisContinue reading “Our Labor Day Weekend…(By Joan Huang)”

My Reverie – Looking at the Starry Sky during the Chinese Qixi Festival (Joan Huang, 8/14/2021)

More than a year ago, I joined a lively group on WeChat, members are from many different countries, from France to Japan, from Germany to USA, etc. The topics of conversations are so amazingly interesting and stimulating. I feel like siping a bowl of rich and thick chicken soup everyday, which benefits my soul aContinue reading “My Reverie – Looking at the Starry Sky during the Chinese Qixi Festival (Joan Huang, 8/14/2021)”